Tired of not knowing the difference your money makes?

So are 82%* of people in the UK.

But Vested is here to change that...

At Vested, we don't measure how many boxes a company ticks, or whether they 'say' they do good... we measure what you really care about: what is real change being seen on the World's biggest problems. 

But assessing impact is hard. How do you determine how much educating a child really changes their life? What if that child is in India as opposed to Italy? Where and for whom, is the impact most significant?


That's where Vested cane help...

Vested is all about LIVE s

We pulled together some of the best impact measurement methodologies in the world to generate a meaningful understanding of impact on LIVEs, which you can use to guide your investment decisions. The algorithm pulls on over 3,000,000 data points from over 250 organisations to validate the impact across each factor., help you understand where your money can make the biggest difference, based on what’s important to you

We provide all this impact data alongside the standard financial metrics to help you understand risk and return.

It's about impacting human lives, but also so much more!!...

How it works

We look at: are we helping the right people, on the most important issues, in ways that are effective and sustainable, and that are creating change that would not have happened without us.

We start with an organisations theory of change, assessing Impact under 4 key areas:


How in need are the people being impacted?

How important is this change to the people? And the World?

What is the value of the change being delivered?

How effective is the impact? What would happen if they did nothing?


The system then pulls on over 3,000,000 data points from over 250 organisations to validate the impact across each factor


We give you 3 comparable numbers to help you make investments decisions based on what matters to you:

Impact Rating


Collective Impact Score


Individual Impact Rating

Our Impact Rating is the equivalent of a ‘credit score’ and reflects what is the most effective & impactful investments, for an individual person. The higher the score, the more significant and impactful the intervention.
The Collective Impact Rating is used to weight the total amount of people significantly impacted by the solution. This takes into account both the effectiveness and how many people are impacted.
The Individual Impact score takes into account how much money the investment needs to to make it's impact, we can calculate exactly how many lives every $ you invest will be contributing to. For the minimum investment, you see the minim impact..

Beyond the initial metrics Vested can also provide automatically generated Impact Reports, to support prospectus or Asset performance reports. As well as interactive dashboards and portfolio manager to give you full access and control over the data and analysis.

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