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Key Documents

At Vested Impact, we are committed to transparency. Below you can find links to our main methodology, process, and governance documents.

If there is a particular piece of information you are looking for but cannot find, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


This is our primary documentation that outlines Vested Impact's methodology for assessing the impact of a company and/or entity.

This document is reviewed annually and updated whenever material changes are made to Vested Impact's methdology or related major data sources and processes.

This document outlines our process for engaging with companies in relation to feedback and requests for update and corrections to their company impact assessment/s and report/s.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Metrics – SFDR

Vested Impact Data & Analytics mapping of Level 2 Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) indicators

Vested Impact Data & Analytics statement of alignment and mapping of assessment against CRR3 and EBA methodology and data

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