Let's redefine 'millionaire'

to be a person who impacts millions of lives



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Invest in what matters

The societal problems of today can only be solved with collective commitment to put our money where it matters. And we know now, 95% of millennial's are interested in putting their money towards investments that aid society. So if we can create better options for investing, we can change the World.

Big problems equal big opportunities

Helping people is the best form of business. We believe today’s biggest challenges will result in tomorrow’s leading industries. Investing with impact may be the greatest hope we have to change the World, and it's the fastest growing market for investing.

This is good business.

See the impact & make the change

We need to know the impact to know where our money matters.

Being able to assess impact & support it with World leading data means you can not just communicate and share the impact you, or your clients, are making. But it enables you to make better decisions for where investments can make the most impact on society.


Every time you invest money, you're casting a vote for the kind of World you want.

How Vested Works


Know the impact

and help your clients align their investments with their values

Vested is the first platform that can tell you how much impact you, or your clients, money will have, on any social issue aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Vested provides simple, comparable & embedded metrics for your existing assets and platforms to help you and your clients make better investment decisions aligned with values and goals.

Monitor, Share & Communicate with Data
that you and your clients can trust

Vested doesn't rely on 'self reported' company ESG or CSR Reports. We use integrated external data from the World's leading organisations to assess and validate impact.

Alongside the metrics, Vested can provide automated detailed impact reports & analysis dashboards to help monitor and manage impact, as well as provide data-driven outputs to share the good work you, and your clients, are doing for the World. 


Plan & manage a better future
Build and manage portfolios based on impact

We can only change the world if we understand how social issues interact and amplify, or expose, others. And in a world first, Vested provides to capability to build new products though its ability to understand how and where impact is amplified by interacting impact areas, where impact risks are present, but also where re-balancing could improve impact.

You can use Vested to build/simulate new scenarios to inform where how a collection of investments can work together in line with a selected social goal


ESG metrics measures how a company behaves (or worse, how they say they behave)

But Vested tells you how much change an organisation actually contributes to societies biggest challenges.

We measure what matters: impact


We currently cover
Publicly listed assets


With coverage of
With data and assets over
Countries, including emerging markets


We are on track to cover
Private companies and SME's



How is impact, and Vested, different?

Real Impact. Not 'tick the box' achievements

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) products only go halfway.

They rely on how a company behaves, not whether it matters or creates a change. While companies are doing lots of great stuff to affect global challenges, we believe its not so much about measuring what a company does, but rather what positive change it created.

Most leading impact measurement tools measure outputs rather than outcomes or impact. What is missing from existing ESG & impact investing assessment approaches is an ‘outside’ frame of reference.

The value of a given impact should be determined by assessing how important the change is, not just to the investor but to the other key stakeholders who were affected, and the World.

People care about a lot of things, and all of them matter.

While good progress has been made on investing in climate and carbon focused investments, we know people care about a wide range of social causes, however very few products exist today that include an assessment of  contributing to solutions to some of the worlds greatest challenges, from peace to poverty & energy to education.


Social change is complex, but comparing them shouldn’t be

Social change is incredible complex and specific. Countries, causes & companies all have different needs & ability to successfully change. So, Vested applies context-specific metrics that allows us to measure ‘what matters’ and assess impact in the most relevant and appropriate way for each individual asset & cause. However we have a standardised principle methodology that allows us to compare all causes using simple metrics and making it cost-effective and fit for managing investments at scale.


Transparent & Trusted

Consumer trust in charities, and companies ‘doing good’ is at an all time low, and they are demanding more transparency and independent data to validate claims by organisations. Because impact data is still largely self-reported by investees, asset managers must verify it for it to be ‘trusted’ by consumers. At Vested we avoid bias and provide transparency for investors by pulling data from 3rd party independent data from over 250 of the World’s leading organisations on social change; such as UN, World Bank, OECD. We can then assess what the data says is going to happen, and over time, what change is actually achieved against the social issues that can be attributed to the company.

Money doesn't change the world.
The people who spend it do

So we integrate with you, to empower you with the data to change the World.

We know social change is complicated. It requires more collaboration, more care, but it does not require ANOTHER platform!  So that's why we do what we do best and we handle the complexity of impact then we can integrate the data with your existing systems and data lakes via our API.

If you want to talk to us or work with us, contact us below.