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The data we need,
for the future we want

Automated and data-driven Impact assessment & measurement that enables investors, asset managers & capital allocators to 
measure what matters

Methodologically Aligned 
with the global standards and leaders in impact assessment

united nations sustainable development goals sdg sdgs
impact management project
paris peace forum macron showcase investment

1 of only 4 organisations globally, and the only private sector, selected to present to World leaders on "Measuring the non-financial impact of companies"

impact assessment measurement data vested impact identifiant l'impact des investissements
impact assessment Vested impact identifiant l'impact des investissements
vested impact esg impact assessment impact measurement identifiant l'impact des investissement identifiant l'impact des investissements
vesed impact assessment impact report identifiant l'impact des investissements

Vested Impact provides automated and scalable impact assessment that leverages over 100 million impact data points from the World's leading institutions to provide quantifiable, comparable and detailed impact.

Automatically cover all your assets

Reduce your reporting burden and costs and monitor the impact of your entire portfolio; public or private

Manage Risk & Additionality

Vested Impact provides detailed negative impacts & visibility of additionality/potential indirect impacts. Allowing you to mange systemic, impact, reputational & regulatory risks

Evidence & Communicate Impact

Deep, detailed assessment linked to independent reputable data, but also simplified metrics for communications & sharing to clients and the public

Automated data-driven impact assessment & insights across your entire investment process

Screening & Due Diligence

Screen thousands of assets for impact automatically, and add private or personal assets in a few clicks

Portfolio Management & Monitoring

Monitor, manage, and support your companies with their impact strategies and/or exercise governance rights

Compliance & Communication

Report and evidence your companies impact for communications, fundraising and regulatory compliance

Integrates to and supports your reporting 
with clear methodology and data

sfdr eu taxonomy
pri principles responsible investment
principles for responsible banking
iris+ GIIN impact investing meansurement data

Vested Impact currently covers the impact of over $170 Tn worth of assets, including:

Money doesn't change the world.
The people who spend it do

These are the people supporting us, working with us, and changing the World with Vested Impact:

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Financial Conduct Authority & City of London
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If you want to talk to us or work with us, contact us below.


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