"Every time you invest money, you're casting a vote for the kind of World you want."

Whether you care about Panda's or People, Climate or cures for diseases, we help you choose where you can have the most effect, biggest or most personal impact. And we then help you track that impact over time.

We don't measure how many boxes a company ticks, or whether they 'say' they do good... we measure real change being seen on the World's biggest problems, using independent data.

Our LIVE algorithim uses 4 key factors and lots of data points and fancy calculations that pull on over 3,000,000 data points from over 250 organisations including the UN, World Bank, OECD etc. to validate and assess all investments.

We give then you 3 numbers to help you make investments decisions based on what matters to you:

I want quality, not quantity.

Rather help 5 people really well, than 5000 just a little?

Our Impact Rating is the equivalent of a ‘credit score’ and reflects what is the most effective & impactful investments, for an individual person. The higher the score, the more significant and impactful the intervention.


I want to be a part of something big

Want to be part of the things helping the most lives? 
The Collective Impact Rating is used to weight the total amount of people significantly impacted by the solution. This takes into account both the effectiveness and how many people are impacted.

I want the biggest bang for my buck

Want your money to go the furthest? 

The Individual Impact score takes into account how much money the investment needs to to make it's impact, we can calculate exactly how many lives every £ you invest will be contributing to. For the minimum investment, you see the minim impact..
Vested's impact metrics can be used to assess, monitor and inform both new and existing assets, funds and portfolios.
Vested's metrics can be integrated into existing investment platforms, portfolios or investments.
Alongside the base metrics, Vested can provide detailed and automated reports, dashboards and portfolio mananagement capabilities.
If you want to know how you can integrate Vested Impact Metrics to your assets to help your clients make better decisions, please contact us.

Still want to know more about how we calculate impact?